The New Age of Parenting: Navigating Changes in 2023

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Parenting is an age-old practice as timeless as humanity itself. It has always been subject to the influences of time and societal changes. From the authoritarian style of the past to the more democratic methods of today, parenting has evolved.   We are now in 2023. Parenting is changing. It is due to new technology and […]

The Liberal Dilemma: Guiding Our Children in a World of Unlimited Choices


You live in an age of unprecedented freedom. But, as a parent, you may often ask yourself, “Is too much liberalism confusing our children and us?” In today’s world, liberalism is a driving force. It emphasizes individual rights, equality, and freedom of thought and expression.  These ideas shape our society, technology, and even how we […]

The Digital Tsunami: Parenting Strategies for Managing Information Overload in Kids

information overload

In the vast ocean of the digital world, your children are like little sailors navigating their way through waves of information. As a parent, you must guide them, teaching them how to sail safely and wisely.  This article will provide practical strategies to help your children manage information overload, empowering them to navigate the tech […]

Parental Tech Use: The Unseen Impact on Teens

Tech use

In today’s connected world, your smartphone is likely always within arm’s reach. It’s become essential for everyday tasks, from paying bills to keeping up with friends and family.  But, as parents, have you ever considered how your tech habits might affect your teenager’s behavior and perception of technology?  This article seeks to uncover the unseen […]

Navigating the New Reality: Teen Cannabis Use in the Digital Age

teen cannabis use

As a parent, you always look for potential threats to your child’s well-being. In today’s digital age, a new concern has emerged: the increasing prevalence of teen cannabis use.  This article aims to shed light on this issue, providing the latest research and expert insights to help you navigate this new reality. Understanding the Landscape […]

Mastering Netflix Parental Controls: A Comprehensive Guide for Parents

Netflix parental controls

In today’s digital age, screens have become ubiquitous. Parents must understand and manage what their children watch.  Almost 30% of parents use parental controls to limit their kids’ screen time. It is a significant concern for many families.  As one of the world’s leading streaming platforms, Netflix is a favorite among kids and teens. With […]

The Digital Landscape: How Global Connectivity Shapes Our Children’s Worldview

global connectivity

In an era where the world is only a click away, our children are growing up in a reality far different from the one we knew. This digital age, characterized by global connectivity, has shaped our children’s worldview.  As parents, understanding this impact is crucial to guide our children through this interconnected landscape. The Positive […]

A Guide to Combating Online Bullying: Protecting Your Child in the Digital Age

online bullying

In the 21st Century, the internet has become a playground for children. It’s a place for learning, socializing, and entertainment.  But, this digital playground is only sometimes safe. One of the lurking dangers is cyberbullying, a growing concern for parents worldwide. Understanding Online Bullying Online bullying, or cyberbullying, is a form of bullying. It takes […]

Empowering Diversity in Kids: Unlock Technology’s Transformative Role

diversity and inclusion

In the 21st century, the world is more connected than ever due to the rapid advancement of technology. This connected world has helped us better understand and appreciate the diverse range of people that make up humanity.   For parents, it’s now imperative to teach kids about diversity and inclusion.  Diversity and inclusion mean understanding and […]